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Luxe Shampoo
Luxe Shampoo $11.95 $13.95
REVVI Luxe Shampoo is an ultra-high foaming car shampoo containing both conditioners and glossing agents that will produce results you've never seen before. It shines as it cleans, with an amazing free rinse technology that decrease dry time without spotting or streaking.
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Tire Gel
Tire Gel $17.95 $19.95
REVVI Tire Gel not only delivers a long-lasting, high-gloss finish to your tires but also provides a protective barrier against harmful UV rays and environmental contaminants, keeping your tires looking stunning for longer. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent reapplications and unsightly tire sling, and enjoy the ultimate tire care solution with REVVI Tire Gel.
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Waterless Wash
Waterless Wash $15.95 $17.95
REVVI Waterless Wash is the next generation way to clean your vehicle safely on-the-go. Advanced polymers and surfactants help gently remove dirt and grime while leaving a protective, glossy finish.
Revvi Large Ultra Drying Towel
Revvi Large Ultra Drying Towel $12.95
The Revvi Large Ultra Drying Towel is a high-quality drying towel, expertly designed for efficiency and durability. Its key features include: Material: Made from long pile twist microfiber weave, the towel offers a perfect blend of softness and strength. Double Layer Design: The double layer construction with interior sewn edges and center stitching ensures structural integrity, making it a durable choice for repeated use. Size and Weight: With dimensions of 16”x16”, the towel is ideally sized for easy handling. Its 1100 gsm weight and thick pile make it suitable for various applications, whether used as an open sheet or folded for added thickness. Twist Pile Design: This unique design allows the towel to glide softly across various surfaces including paint, glass, and plastic, ensuring a streak-free finish. Versatility: The towel excels in cleaning windows and mirrors. Its high pile, soft, and thick microfiber composition ensures a streak-free result even when the towel is slightly damp. The Revvi Large Ultra Drying Towel stands out as an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve a clean, streak-free finish on various surfaces, combining durability with high performance. It's an ideal addition to any cleaning kit, especially for those who value quality and efficiency in their cleaning tools.